Maciver Inc.

UX | CX strategy consultancy, based in London.


︎Driving innovation through research + design
︎Designing studies that build understanding of users
︎Developing propositions based upon user needs
︎Evaluation + iteration of design solutions
︎Writing + speaking about design practice
︎Building the value of design



︎ A year indoors outdoors (2020)
︎ Industrial London (2017 - 2021)
︎ Paris undercurrents (2004 - 2019)
︎ Dubliners (2007 - 2013)

Cars, bikes + walls

Over the years, cars, bikes and their associated backdrops have become my defacto, out and about, photographic inspiration. In 2020, it was practically all I photographed.

Reflections in the windows of skies, skylines, and of me, on the days when light permits.

A life in London, a life roaming. Imposing geometry on a world that never quite sits straight. 

Each picture having its story - the reason I was in Chelsea, or Finnieston, what happened before, what happened next? The clues are the months of the year, and the time of the day. What was happening on a particular day?
Wanderings, flaneuring
Of course modern day digital cameras leave much more of a data trail than the analog versions.
And most of these are taken with an iPhone.
Some of the vehicles were particularly striking, and I have stopped to capture them on previous occasions. Some here featured on my 2020 diary.

It’s about pictures being gathered together to make a coherent whole. Single pictures alone don’t tell the story fully enough. 
It’s also about sense of self. The trail of my life. GPS’d across the country.
And it’s also about perfecting a certain aesthetic and style. Repetition.

Friends and family members can be spotted as passers by in some of these shots.