Maciver Inc.

A human-centred insights + strategy consultancy, based in London.


︎Driving innovation through research + design
︎Designing studies that build understanding of users
︎Developing propositions based upon user needs
︎Evaluation + iteration of design solutions
︎Writing + speaking about design practice
︎Building the value of design



︎ A year indoors outdoors (2020)
︎ Industrial London (2017 - 2021)
︎ Paris undercurrents (2004 - 2019)
︎ Dubliners (2007 - 2013)

We develop propositions based on user needs

At phase 2, Innovate, the most pressing user problems are prioritised, and the problem and solution spaces are co-evolved.

We begin this phase with the action-focused insights analysed and synthesised about users. This forms the basis for evolving and prototyping solutions.

Above: Innovate phase - Developing propositions based on research insight

Design + research in parallel
Starting with visualisation of the user needs (e.g. personas, mapping, blueprints), we collectively prioritise what is most pressing in relation to roadmap or OKRs. Prototyping solutions and experiences that address these issues then can begin. Our method involves strong partnership with a range of creative and technical specialists to begin to conceptualise the gap between problem and solution.
We believe in co-evolving the problem and solution spaces, and so continue to develop the knowledge base throughout. In practice, this means gathering  insights during development of concepts. At this point, research can steer and sometimes switch the direction of designs. By doing so, we reduce risk by keeping the project on track, as well as strengthening the team’s convictions about users, problem and solution.