Maciver Inc.

A human-centred insights + strategy consultancy, based in London.


︎Driving innovation through research + design
︎Designing studies that build understanding of users
︎Developing propositions based upon user needs
︎Evaluation + iteration of design solutions
︎Writing + speaking about design practice
︎Building the value of design



︎ A year indoors outdoors (2020)
︎ Industrial London (2017 - 2021)
︎ Paris undercurrents (2004 - 2019)
︎ Dubliners (2007 - 2013)

We evaluate + iterate design solutions

At phase 3, Build + Test, we have a set of concepts that address the prioritised user problems, and have selected one (or more) to be refined.

These prototypes are now built, developed and polished in collaboration with the cross-functional team. We work closely with design to polish and refine these concepts. At this point, our research objectives switch, and we seek to reduce risk by predicting how the new concepts will land.

Above: Build + test phase - Evaluating and iterating upon design solutions

Experiment and test
As the proposition gets close to shipping, we adapt another set of methodologies that allows us to test ideas and evaluate how well they resonate with users. This is intended to improve performance in situ, and enhance business performance. We select from a range of evaluative methods to be able to decipher whether the products achieve their end goals (i.e. how useful, useable and desirable they are).
Launch, measure, scale
Learning and research are never complete. After launch, we work with data science to assess performance, before taking decisions on scaling. For instance, where conversion is poor, there may be further analysis to identify the reasons for this, and how the issues can be addressed.