Maciver Inc.

A human-centred insights + strategy consultancy, based in London.


︎Driving innovation through research + design
︎Designing studies that build understanding of users
︎Developing propositions based upon user needs
︎Evaluation + iteration of design solutions
︎Writing + speaking about design practice
︎Building the value of design



︎ A year indoors outdoors (2020)
︎ Industrial London (2017 - 2021)
︎ Paris undercurrents (2004 - 2019)
︎ Dubliners (2007 - 2013)

Building knowledge about the value of design

Teaching practice ︎︎︎ consulting in industry
Over six years, Fiona has taught design to students of business and entrepreneurship at undergraduate, post-grad and executive levels. Her modules focus on design strategy, design leadership and product development. There are countless lessons to take away from the lecture theatre relevant to practice. 

The parallels between teaching and developing user experiences are striking, and have shaped my work in industry. There are three key components in Fiona’s teaching methods that augment learning value for students, and which Fiona has extended to the Maciver Inc. practice. As an eductor, Fiona believes in 1) pitching learning content at the right level for the audience, 2) ensuring progressive learning by building complexity week-on-week, and 3) keeping things fresh by mixing up different modes of delivery.
The classroom as microcosm of products and experiences
Bringing these principles into industry has influenced how Maciver Inc. works with clients and develop for users. First, understanding the audience - internally or externally - is the critical first step to developing outstanding product experiences. Second, progressive learning is key to onboarding new users onto new platforms, no matter how simple or complex they may appear to us. Third, deploying different content styles to keep things fresh can help different types of audiences get up to speed. I’ve used these factors to build user user loyalty to brands and products.