Maciver Inc.

A human-centred insights + strategy consultancy, based in London.


︎Driving innovation through research + design
︎Designing studies that build understanding of users
︎Developing propositions based upon user needs
︎Evaluation + iteration of design solutions
︎Writing + speaking about design practice
︎Building the value of design



︎ A year indoors outdoors (2020)
︎ Industrial London (2017 - 2021)
︎ Paris undercurrents (2004 - 2019)
︎ Dubliners (2007 - 2013)

We write and speak about design practice

Publications + presentations
Over the past decade, our founder, Fiona Maciver, has been writing about her work in design, innovation and HCI, alongside some incredible, world-leading collaborators. She have been invited to speak about my research at conferences in North America, Europe and Asia. Her insights on the intersection of design, tech and business have been published in journals, and in the book ‘Collaboration in Creative Design: Methods and Tools’, published by Springer. This work focuses on design strategy (i.e. how design can work effectively with business stakeholders), design practice (particularly remote working on creative projects) and human-computer interaction (user experience in digital products).
Engaging with the academic community
Academic research drives ideas, innovation, and keeps methods sound. At Maciver Inc., we keep our thinking and approach at the cutting edge by continually engaging with the academic community. As an expert in innovation and design practice, Fiona has been appointed as peer reviewer for research submitted to The Design Journal (published by Taylor and Francis) and Creativity and Innovation Management (published by Wiley), in addition to design conferences including DMI: Academic Design Management Conference, the Design Society and International Association of Societies of Design Research. She has also acted as PhD examiner at the renowned DJCAD.  She brings new approaches and knowledges derived from global research institutes into the practice.

︎ Full texts available on: Google Scholar | Research Gate | Academia Edu


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